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SF Stefan is a contracting company, providing services to customers in London and adjoining counties. We believe in quality, transparency, innovation and value for money.

Sf Stefan is a company where we listen to the ‘said and unsaid’ requirements of our customer, and deliver end-to-end projects that meet them. We will work with our client to identify the needs of all key stakeholders and work in a collaborative manner throughout. Our objective is to ensure that projects can be completed safely and to the best standard.

The business was formed in 2009 and today, with a highly-skilled team Sf Stefan is engaged in projects across London and the South East.

Sf Stefan delivers risk-mitigated projects in the Highway and Civil Engineering sector to include :

    • Supply and management of trained labour, plant and equipment for main contractors with all relevant industry and quality accreditation’s
    • Skills range include: Labourers, pavers, stonemasons, bricklayers, machine operators, carpenters, plumbers, electricians; site supervisors, site managers and qualified civil engineers.
  • Tendering and undertaking works for business and private customers

At Sf Stefan, we recognise there is nothing more valuable than a recommendation by a satisfied customer. We encourage you to find out more about us from any of our clients.

At Sf Stefan we make sure that we always deliver in line with what our customer’s needs are on any project we undertake. We believe in good behaviour, quality and integrity – evident from our consistent focus on delivering risk-mitigated, good quality projects on time and at the agreed price. We operate in a collaborative culture which focuses on transparency that helps build long standing relations with customers, who like us, believe in quality, innovation and value for money.
Our business is built around three values: Integrity – we are honest, we listen, we share ideas and empower our employees to always go that extra mile Quality – we make sure everything we do is consistently delivered to high quality pushing the company forward Innovation – we encourage and develop innovative ideas putting them into practice successfully
We believe that our staff is integral to the continued success and growth of our business, which is why health and safety is a key aspect of our business. This core value ensures that health, safety and welfare are at the heart of everything that we do. We at SFSCE are ISO 18000 certified – an international occupational health and safety management system specification. We follow these standards to make sure that all our employees, be it permanent or contract, have a sound knowledge of health and safety and a high regard for the consequences of their professional tasks on the safety of others.
Sf Stefan has recognised and embedded a culture which balances the social, economic and environmental pillars of society. We use efficient stock management practices to minimise journeys and the impact of occupying the road space for storage Our belief in continuous learning has resulted in ongoing training, education and development of our employees We are strongly committed to environment friendly work practices in the services that we provide.
At Sf Stefan we understand the full extent to which construction projects, whether small or large, may adversely affect the environment. We are therefore strongly committed to ensuring that our practices and services are always environmental friendly. Our environmental policy reflects our commitment to protect all the aspects of environment and to use resources in a way that does not have any adverse impact on future generations. We are ISO 14000 certified which helps us minimise practices that negatively affect the environment and ensures that we comply with applicable laws, regulations, and other environmentally oriented requirements. Some of our practices include coordinating our work to minimise journeys and using smaller vehicles at all sites to assist in carrying goods to and fro the site to minimise air pollution.

Our Accreditation

Being an ISO 9000 certified company, SFSCE has an enviable reputation for doing things right – a reputation which is soundly based on the pillars of integrity, quality, competency and skills that our employees bring forth to every project that we undertake. We ensure quality by:

  • Embedding the culture of quality in the organisation
  • Training our employees and keeping them updated with the latest techniques
  • Procuring and maintaining state-of-the-art vehicles, plant and equipment
  • Making sure all members of the team are certified with market-directed accreditations

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