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Public Realm Schemes

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Public Realm Schemes

We carry out work, which we call Public Realm schemes, to improve public areas whether this is in neighbourhoods, along major roads or in town and city centres. Through the delivery of various schemes within the borough, we aim to transform the everyday experience people have of our outdoor spaces, and create well designed public spaces and streets.

The work we do will sometimes join with and add to larger schemes. These can be a mix of government and private sector schemes. Here are some typical examples of the work we do:

  • improving street lighting
  • widening footpaths for pedestrians
  • adding street furniture such as seating, bins and hanging basket stands
  • replacing paved walkways with new long-lasting surfaces
  • improving how the traffic flows
  • providing public art which reflects the history and personality of the area
  • planting trees, shrubs and flowers
  • creating or improving facilities such as multi-use games areas or play parks

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